Second Chance Financing

Secondary Financing Idaho Falls

At Teton Financial in Idaho Falls, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. If you have bad credit, or are considered high risk, our loan officers can help. Is a bankruptcy, lien, foreclosure, or repossession on your credit? We specialize in helping our customers get bad credit loans in Idaho Falls. If you think that you have run out of options for financing due to unfortunate circumstances in the past, come in and talk to us today.

Bad Credit Loans Idaho Falls

Our second chance financing department is here to help you reestablish your credit by getting you the loan that you may not be able to at other lending institutions. These loans are not like other loans, though, and the consumer should be aware of this. While every circumstance is different and our trained loan officers will weigh each situation on its own merits, a twenty per cent down payment is generally required for any secondary financing loan in Idaho Falls. Because of the bad credit, interest rates may also be a little higher. But if these are things that you would like to consider so that you can get that new car for work or maybe even stop renting and into a new house, then come down to Teton Financial and talk to us and let us get you into a loan package that works for you.

Have you been looking at getting a new car? Is your current vehicle just not cutting it anymore and the thought of repairing it one more time is keeping you up at night, but you know that blemish on your credit report is just screaming at most loan institutions to turn you down? We can help where so many others cannot. Give our second chance loan department in Idaho Falls a call today so we can discuss possible alternatives for you now.

Second Chance Financing Idaho Falls

These bad credit loans are a way for us to help provide our community and those that live in it an opportunity to achieve their dreams or goals. We have all been in a situation where money is tight. We understand that unfortunate things can happen, despite our best intentions, particularly regarding money and finances. We here at Teton Financial in Idaho Falls are proud to offer this secondary financing and second chance loans to help people get back on their feet and to realize that there are options out there after these misfortunes. Bad credit happens, but it doesn’t have to control you any longer. Let us help you get the money you need today with our secondary financing here in Idaho Falls and you get back on the road you had thought you would be walking all along.